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       As the holidays approach, many of us will be missing loved ones. We all grieve in our own way and in our own time. But remembering can also be a sweet time as we reflect on the incredible people we’ve had in our lives. And for some of us it is a time of celebration as we think of them in the presence of the Father. Today I wanted to share a poem that my daughter Stephanie wrote about heaven in “That’s Heaven For Her”.

That’s Heaven For Her
By Stephanie Wucher

From a 2-car carport (driveway)/mobile home that she treated like a mansion – to streets of gold leading to her front door, and a real mansion filled with more beauty (probably purple) than she could ever fathom.

From her church that seats 2,000 where she greats everyone (even strangers) with a mile long smile – to a worship service at the feet of Jesus where her brothers, friends, parents, husband, extended family, and Angels greet HER with a smile.

From choosing to sit by herself on a different row at church so others had room to sit together – to Jesus welcoming her to worship and saying “Here, I saved this space for YOU!”

From hours of prayer every morning for anyone who crossed her path – to nonstop time with Jesus with the worries of the world behind her.

From a hospital room when words could not come from her lips because of a broken body – to choosing not to speak, though she is able, standing in awe of the beauty that surrounds her.

From dear friends and family wearing purple in her honor – to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords welcoming her home adorned with purples more wondrous than her closet.

From heartfelt words of praise and thanks (far too often left unspoken) from people she had touched – to entering the gates of heaven where the God of Creation welcomes her with words of “Well done, good and faithful servant!”