making a snowball 

It is December, and by now you have started listening to and singing all the wonderful Christmas music. Like me, you probably have your favorites. There are two songs I never tire of during this season, “Mary Did You Know?” and “Let it Snow”.  The first one stirs my soul deep within no matter how many times I hear it. And the second…well, being a New Yorker transplanted in Texas, I cannot help but belt it out as I long for that white Christmas!

Even if you are not from snow country, you probably can guess what I mean by the phrase “snowball effect”. To build a large snowman, you start out with a small snow ball. You pat and pack your snowball well, place it on the snowy ground and begin to roll it. As you roll it, what happens? It gathers more snow. As the new layer of snow sticks to it, it grows larger. You just keep rolling it around until your ball is as big as you want it, right? Then you start all over with the next one.

Today I saw the ‘snowball effect’ in a different context!  In conversation this morning I shared with great excitement once again about the amazing Thanksgiving we had this year. And it struck me – I was experiencing the ‘snowball effect’! God answered prayers that led to great blessings on Thanksgiving Day. That was my first snowball…that God was doing mighty things in my life. This year we were able to share our time of giving thanks (which takes us a few hours!) with a young man who is celebrating only his second Thanksgiving as a Believer. This year he was able to experience a Thanksgiving that was less about eating turkey and watching football and more about spending time truly giving specific thanks. What a precious time for all of us as in return we experienced the joy of the freshness he brought to the day. In this sharing, the impact of what God had done in our lives multiplied, my snowball was getting bigger.

Since Thanksgiving, I have been asked numerous times “how was your holiday?” And I can hardly contain myself as I share about our day. It is amazing to think that the stories of what God is doing in my life continue to bless others beyond Thanksgiving day…it is the snowball effect at work. What started as a blessing in a single life, spread to a family, then to an intimate circle and finally to an outer circle of relationships. Without changing the nature of the blessing itself, it grew, impacting others. Why? Because it was shared.

Has anyone ever shared a story of God at work that touches you so much you share it with someone else? Sometimes the testimony of His love and power and blessing just keeps gathering momentum. We never really know how God will choose to use our story. But one thing is for sure, it will stay just a small personal snowball if you never share it!

Have you been faithful to share how God is blessing you, how He is answering prayer, how He is enabling you, granting you wisdom, protecting you etc.? Better yet, are you sharing the power of the cross? Each time you share about God, the impact and power of His blessing is multiplied, just like that snowball. This season, as we sing songs about winter wonderlands, sleigh bells, and snow, let them remind us to take full advantage of the ‘snowball effect’. Get the ball rolling with songs of the Christ child and then pause to tell someone about this mighty God who came to us as baby in a manger. Speak freely of Him at every opportunity and watch what God can do as your testimony snowballs!